Mixing and brewing!!! Many herbal products are available as well as magical.  I can blend a healing bath, soap, deodorant or a tincture, a powder or candle.

Its not all magick all the time but also the old ways…the ways of the earth.

Blends of sacred oils for healing the mind….the body and spirit.

Each thing I make I make one of a kind FOR YOU alone.

Write to me if you need anything!  themagicalapothecary@gmail.com



Pagan Path/Witchy 101 Classes NYC

The Magic Apothecary Pagan Path Workshops Bay Ridge Brooklyn

Age Range/Type: Adult
Located in: Brooklyn, New York, New York


Spiritual Path: Eclectic Wicca
Status: Established Group
Community Support: Open Circles…

Merry Meet!

We are an open, eclectic workshop that covers all aspects of Witchcraft, Wicca, Magick, Paganism, Herbal work, meditation, chanting and some shamanic practice.

We offer weekly (based on schedule of space) workshops on Saturday afternoons in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. 45 minutes from midtown Manhattan and close to the Verazzano and Outerbridges.

We also celebrate every Sabbat as well as some full and new moons.

Offering Tarot Classes at same space too.

Price for class: $20
2 hour class

Call 347-492-0534
Write: themagicalapothecary@gmail.com
Web: themagicapothecary.com