NYC Pagan Pride announces…
NYC Pagan Pride

When: Sep. 27th. 2014
Where: New York, New York

The Apothecary is at the NYC Pagan Pride!~

Event Details: MEET THE MAGIC!
The Magic Apothecary line of hand-made, organic products will be on display: Saturday, September 27, 2014 at
New York City Pagan Pride Day
Washington Square Park, New York City
For almost a decade, The Magic Apothecary has been providing the finest in magical medicinals disguised as everyday items. Hand-made goodies made with all-natural ingredients, mesmerizing to the senses, that – when combined with your own concentration and desire – help you attain dreams and desires. Imagine a bar of soap plus your own ambition helping you get a better job; a perfume plus your own passion bringing the person of your dreams into your arms; a lotion plus your own desire… well you get the idea!
The Magic Apothecary was a leading seller at a special boutique at the Strand Hotel in NYC, and then last November the Magic Apothecary made the leap from mainly online to location, location, location when the product line went on display at Brooklyn’s M Center for Art & Wellness.
Now these aromatic, engaging items will be featured at this year’s Pagan Pride Day. Meet the Apothecary herself, sample soaps, lotions, perfumes, incense, candles, charms, and so much more.
The Magic Apothecary’s creator, Mary Elizabeth Micari, is an ordained minister and REIKI master. Her informative podcasts are a fan favorite. The mission of the Pagan Pride Project is to foster pride in Pagan identity through education, activism, charity and community.
The Pagan Pride Project is a non-profit organization. Pagan Pride day is celebration with music, ritual, products, and people.
The Apothecary will also unveil new products and services at the celebration.
For more information contact WrightGroupNY Communications at the M Center 347-492-0534 or at

Event Location: Washington Square Park in New York
Event TIME Details: 11 AM – 5 PM

Directions: D, B, M, A, C, E to Washington Sq

Phone: (347) 4920534

Website II:

Handfasting, Wedding, Pagan Funeral, Spiritual Counselling, Reiki Services in Hospital or Hospice


I am an ordained minister and licensed in all 50 states to officiate over Handfastings and Weddings. I am fully registered in NYC as well.

I can also officiate over Pagan Funerals and can offer Spiritual Counselling and Reiki Services in hospital, hospice, home or anywhere! 


Handfastings and Wedding: (depending on travel and circumstances) $200.00 and up

Funerals:  (depending on travel and circumstances) $200.00 and up

Counselling: $60.00 Per Hour

Reiki Sessions in Hospital: Ask for rates.


Magick Made to ORDER Spotlight!!! Witchy Deodorant

I can sit here and tell you how wonderful this deodorant is or you can try it for your self. I specially hand blend these little powerful cakes for you! Made from baking soda, corn starch and PABA FREE lotion it is one of the safest ways to smell good all the time. I use safe essential oils to scent or leave just plain and neutral.

I use this myself…never have to use regular deodorant and it lasts for two days sometimes. It neutralizes odor naturally. Please be aware of some sensitivity after shaving under the arms. Men love this too. Athletes and dancers have me make it for them all of the time.

I can blend with no scent.


Love Magic Scent
(Roses, Jasmine, Musk)

Money Magic Scent
(Spices and Herbs)

Clean Linen (not essential oil)
(smell like Downey)

Tea Tree Oil
Amazing fresh scent and tea tree kills bacteria that cause odor as well. This is the strongest formula!

Please contact me at to make your choice when purchasing.


2 Cakes for