New Classes Starting.

treeMerry Meet!
I run an open, eclectic workshop that covers all aspects of Witchcraft, Wicca, Magick, Paganism, Herbal work, meditation, chanting and some shamanic practice. I will teach you the all you need to know to begin your practice.

You can work in the privacy of your home on your own time and work with me at set times via Skype, on the phone or in person.

Come if you wish to celebrate every Sabbat as well as some full and new moons with other groups in the NYC area.

Offering Tarot Classes too.

Price for class: $600.00 payment plans available.
Includes Reading materials, exercises, meditations, History of Wicca, Path Workings, Herbal work, Magick, Sabbats and SO MUCH MORE. Guidance via e mail as much as you need and three two hour sessions with me.



A new beginning at my anniversary.

Wendy Rule, Horses. Take a listen.

It was at this time of the year I began my quest.  I walked into a store called Enchantments in NYC run by a marvelous Wiccan Priestess named Carole Buzone and bumped head on into my next mentor and the navigator of my next phase of life….Joe Zukowski.

I picked up a book by Starhawk named Spiral Dance and I never looked back.

This was my calling and it happened about 20 years ago.  The Goddess called me.  I listened.  It has not always been easy.  IN fact it caused me so many problems and ended relationships and changed me in ways I never expected it to.

Mabon.  1995.

I heard the voice of the Goddess for the first time that fall.  I spend most of my time researching, reading and practicing Wicca in various ways….from that point till this day.

Recently I have had a new calling. To write here. To teach what I know…to give talks, publish, webinars.

Goddess wants me to tell you what I know.

So, I have decided to start this day on our way to Mabon…waning moon in Leo my sun sign…to begin.

I am a Witch.  But more that that I am Goddess.  I am as you are the diving incarnate.  Here for a short time in this body.  I started out doubtful, a woman riddled with dark thoughts and fears.  Under the water of abusive parents and a religion that had no use for me because of my gender …kneeling to a God form that was vicious and mean.  Also an abuser.

The day I found the Goddess was the day I began to breathe.  I was  not young and was already a mother.  Deeply into my thirties was when I found this path but when I opened my first book and did my first ritual I knew I was HOME.

I welcome you to follow my journey from this point if you feel so inclined.  I hope to hear from you about yours.

Today, while mentoring a young woman whose feet have just stepped on the path to the Goddess I knew I must start. Start I have.

Here we go……

Sound and Music Healing

I have been quite busy and so that is why there have been no posts.  However, I fully intend to keep up with this as it has become known to me how important reading this is for some.

So we go.

I have completed my Reiki Masterhood.  I did this in April.  I am very proud of this fact and proud to have done my Reiki studies at the NY Open Center with Joanna Crespo of  Reiki Rhapsody.  I studied Reiki for an entire year, not a weekend as many have done.  I am very proud of this and feel that the complete work I did including work with Family Constellations, Kundalini Yoga and Music, Sound and Meditation really pushed me to a new place as both a woman and a Shaman.

I have been saying more and more I am a Shaman.  I am…that I am.

Doing a lot of I AM Work as well!

I find it easy for many to associate Wicca as a Northern European Shamanic Tradition called Witchcraft and what Witchcraft is.  That is for another post though.

Meanwhile I am now blessedly on a Scholarship with the NY Open Centers Sound and Music Institute. This is a year long study into using Sound and Music to heal….and to me to do magick as well as bring these techniques into my music work.

I will be doing a ritual this Yule with several wonderful people in the NYC Pagan scene using the techniques I have learned in these classes! Can’t wait.

I have thus far been introduced to Nacho Arimany and Thomas Amelio.  Using Percussion and movement, the voice and chanting to reach higher and heal and transform.

I have also discovered the voice of our Mother Earth.

Hope you enjoy her song.

Christopher Penczak Seminar Sept 28th and 29th was MAHVELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It really was.

If you don’t know who Christopher Penczak is you must visit his website:

He has written tons of books….and articles and produces his own magical music, meditations and teaches both in seminar and on line forums! Wow!

I’d say hes a genius.  He has so much knowledge for a young man.  His energy is huge as is his heart.

I went to the seminar because a friend of mine who was associated with The Order of the World Tree: told me I HAD to go. Christopher was going to be speaking about Plant Familiars and teaching on how to find yours.  Well, after all the study of medicinal herbalism in the past two years I felt it was time to reacquaint myself with my occult side!

Boy did I ever!

We were taught about different categories of herbs and plants. Christopher likes to divide them into three. Balms for healing, Banes for Hexing and Pathworking and Tree Teachers.

We were taken though meditations to places under the world tree where the Green Man and the Lady of Flowers took us to our plants and were able to talk to them.

I got to meet my Bane, Poison Ivy first. A jaunty and funny little plant with a dangerous looking berry.  I had never seen a Poison Ivy berry but there it was….talking to me and telling me about its uses for me both medicinally and magically.  I have to gather it, wish me luck.  Perhaps it won’t harm me!  There was a glorious visit with Angelica and a vision of myself both past, present and future shown to me by Fir Tree.

I was transformed to say the least.

The second day was about two distinct and powerful workings. The Green Devil Meditation and the then the White Herb.

We were exposed to Flower and Plant Essences of both baneful and balmful herbs!  I was transported.  Seriously.

I was also healed in ways I didn’t know I needed to be.

Thank you so much MR PENCZAK.  I can’t wait to learn from you again.  IN Fact I intend to read every single book he has written!

I hope you join me.  You can find his work on his website and also at Amazon.  He is on Facebook as well as MySpace.

Support this man!~ I know I will.

Bright blessings my dear ones.